• Over 15 year experience in shipbuilding with a professional team of marine engineering
  • Over 500 shipbuilding records, all approved by the world famous classification societies
  • Newbuilding vessels of up to 10,000 DWT
  • Ship repair and conversion services
  • Marine services including technical consultant, ship designs, second-hand trading, comprehensive range of marine product deliveries
Bonny Fair Development Limited  is the subsidiary of China state-owned Guangdong Shipbuilding  Industry Import and Export Corporation, with the Shipyard and the Ship Design and Research Institute in Guangzhou of China. Extablished since 1985, Bonny Fair has been engaged in shipbuilding, shiprepair and other related marine services. The main ship products includes ship assist & escort tugs, workboats, cargo & container ships, fishing vessels, passenger & vehicle ferries and GRP boats. Based on the reliable quality and competitive prices, Bonny Fair has successfully penetrated the shipbuilding activities into the different markets in the world including  Hong Kong, South East Asia, Middle East, North  Africa and South America.

Quality, reliability and just-in-time delivery are always the key factors we insist on.

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