Ship Assist & Escort Tugs
l  Anchor handling and berthing
l  Harbour and river towing
l  Coastal and ocean towing
l  Salvage and fire fighting services
l  Coastal engineering support
l  General assistance

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Cargo & Container Ships

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l  Cargo vessels
l  Container ships/carriers
l  Oil tankers
l  Water tankers
l  Refrigerated freighters
Work Boats
l   Multipurpose offshore support vessels
l   Dredges
l   Fire fighting vessels
l   Pilot vessels

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Fishing Vessels

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l  Freeze stern trawlers
l  Squid liners
l  Shrimp trawlers
l  Seine-net fishing vessels
l  Refrigerated carriers
Passenger & Vehicle Ferries
l   Ro-Ro Landing crafts
l   Passenger vessels
l   Car ferries
l   Alloy high speed boats

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GRP Yachts

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l  GRP pleasure yachts
l  GRP sailing yachts
l  GRP angling boats
l  GRP fishing boats
Various Barges
l   Oil barges
l   Split hopper barges
l   Cement barges
l   Log barges
l   Coal barges
l   Lighters

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